Jake Baddeley


Jake Baddeley is a renowned English artists living and working in The Netherlands. He has been successfully painting and sculpting for over 20 years and his work is admired & collected by many people all over the world.


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“There are two lights: one in your head and one that lights the room. I paint the first. My paintings are lit by the light of imagination, the real light. The places I visit in my work are a product of my dreams, that are also bathed in this light. It is an emotional light, that can convey a feeling, a mood or an idea. It is the light of nostalgia, of a distant memory, the light of the magical garden of childhood. An image may come to me completed, can I hold it in my head, finish the painting before it fades? I don’t like to ask too many questions, to edit or filter. If I do, I am always left with just dust in my hands, or a less interesting painting. I listen to the still voice within, the intuition, for guidance. The thinking I leave to the viewer. Meaning, might sometimes be wanting, or reason obscure, but there is often a power, a luminosity in a successful work that resists all clarification, that I would never exchange for the most carefully composed idea.”


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